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Worship as we fashion and practice it at Trinity is the hope of an encounter with God.  It is not educational or proclamatory. Rather, it is an invitation of the heart to encounter God in our midst and be changed and strengthened by it. So in our music, prayers and sermons, we do not talk about God so much as we seek to experience the presence of God in the very moment of worship.

Welcome to Trinity 


Trinity is a community of people who share a common mission and core values, yet we find wildly different expressions of spirituality and worship that deepen the richness and texture of our community rather than divide us. We are not concern- ed about what you believe; rather we ask, “What does your belief look like?”  How can we together change the world, the community and put our belief into action.  We'd love for you to become members.

Weddings/Other Services

The beautiful main sanctuary of Trinity, as well as our Christ Church Chapel are available for your wedding, rehearsal dinner or shower.  Located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, Trinity Church is recognized for the beauty of its buildings as well as its welcome and diverse nature.  Trinity does not require that those who wish to have their ceremony here be members of our congregation or our faith tradition.  We welcome all.  Read more...


The Vestry is pleased to announce that a Letter of Agreement was signed appointing the Reverend Matthew R. Lincoln as the next Rector of Trinity Church. Matt began his ministry at Trinity on August 1, 2015. He comes to us from North Haven, Connecticut with his wife, Catherine. They have two grown children, Gabriel and J.T. 

We are pleased to welcome Matt and his family to Trinity.

​​News & Announcements
THIS Sunday, May 29, Buffalo Marathon.  Delaware Ave & Franklin St closed, among others. Here is a link to the road closures.

Join us at 10:30 Sunday mornings for our main service.  All are welcome.

​SUNDAY at 7PM offers spirituality without all the religion.  Jazz music and candlelight set the mood.  read more 

WEDNESDAY at 11AM ​Rite 2 Holy Communion read more 

THURSDAY at 7PM was created to be a bridge between Episcopal worship and the spirituality of 12-Step recovery.  read       

                                Office hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am-4pm.   


We strive to create an atmosphere that nurtures spiritual growth in an environment that is imaginative, honest, intelligent and inclusive. All programming is rooted in the Christian Faith, is progressive and unabashedly Episcopalian. Children and youth are invited to participate in worship in ways that nurture the spiritual development of the individual and the community.