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Our Mission & Vision

Trinity is a metropolitan house of prayer – a community of worship and spiritual inquiry, welcoming all people. Recognizing our common brokenness, yet rejoicing in the reconciling love of God, we will:

  • Embody the diversity of the Christian faith as expressed through the Episcopal Church;

  • Nurture one another in our spiritual life;

  • Proclaim the love of God for all people in the voices of each new generation;

  • Gather the wisdom and resources of the community of faith to name and heal the wounds of injustice.

Trinity was founded in 1836 in order to include more people in the life of the church. From that time until this, with its clear, inclusive invitation to people at all points along their spiritual journeys and from all places in society, even those on society’s margins, Trinity has shone with a vision of the future of the Church. 


Trinity is a warm, dynamic community that gathers around the holy table to feed each other’s souls and encourage each other in carrying that spiritual nurture into places where it is needed outside the church.


The Trinity building is an artistic, sacred space for Buffalo, home to a progressive Christian community of radical welcome. As you explore this website, I hope you will feel encouraged to visit Trinity in reality.

Rev. Matt Lincoln

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