There are many ways to worship and often churches get stuck in one mode and once there, are lulled into believing their particular style is the only or best way to worship God. At Trinity we keep pushing ourselves to open our hearts and minds to question our assumptions about worship.


Because different people are inspired and moved by different elements and styles of worship, we strive to offer as broad and as inclusive a range as possible. Find out more about our regular Sunday worship opportunities to which we add special events from time to time.  All are welcome to join and participate in any of the services held at Trinity. During special times in the year there are additional services, but our weekly services include:

   SUNDAY at 10:30 am   

Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30 am is the primary gathering of our community. A celebratory service that is intentionally welcoming and challenging, open and inclusive, for spiritual inquiry no matter what your religious or spiritual tradition, or even if you have none.


Trinity takes welcoming seriously. Excellent organ and ensemble music provide a peaceful time for centering before worship. With the bishop’s blessing we have ventured outside the rubrics of the Episcopal tradition; Trinity is redefining what it means to be Episcopalian. Challenging preaching has been a hallmark for generations, addressing a community that prefers to live in the questions rather than be given the answers.


Courtyard in the Summer - We use summer worship in the courtyard as a way to experience who we are without the formal setting of “the big house.”

   SUNDAY at 7:00 pm     

Sunday at 7:00 pm offers spirituality without all the religion. In an effort to make room for those who are searching for spirituality yet allergic to church, the service is deliberately non-Christian. Combining soft jazz music and candlelight, seating in the round, and readings that are not specifically religious, this quiet service focuses on individual spirituality.


Known as Trinity@7, this offering draws primarily on poetry from published authors of the 20th and 21st centuries, but can include the work of ancient mystics from many religions around the world.. Syncopating each reading is live jazz featuring pianist Krista Seddon and culminating in a brief reflection from one of our spiritual leaders and a participatory candlelight meditation. 

   THURSDAY at 7:00 pm   

Thursday at 7:00 pm is the weekly offering of 12 Steps@Trinity, a bridge between Episcopal worship and the spirituality of 12-Step recovery. Hundreds of different types of recovery groups and millions of people throughout the world find spiritual wisdom and guidance in the 12 Steps and the many books and reflections that have been written by people who have walked this path to health and wholeness. The roots can be traced back through the Oxford Group (an Episcopal evangelical movement) to the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and even to the Desert Fathers and Mothers of the third century.


It can even be said that 12-Step Spirituality is the combined knowledge and experience of all those who have used spiritual surrender and the 12-Steps as a passage to recovery, and the things they have learned along the way. Trinity's 12-Step community includes many who have journeyed toward liberation with the 12-Steps, and they look to share what they have learned, as well as celebrate the presence of God.


12 Steps@Trinity has formed a strong service-oriented community. Unique music, provided by a group of volunteer musicians, reinforces the 12-Step message. Please note an AA meeting precedes the service, starting at 6 p.m. in the basement, hosted by the Nickel City Club House.

   WEDNESDAY at Noon   

Wednesday at Noon provides moment to pause and rest in the arms of community.  At this service, Holy Communion is celebrated using language from the Book of Common Prayer. This is an informal gathering  with shared leadership of the readings and prayers. There is no sermon. Instead, following communion, the group adjourns to the kitchen next door for coffee and discussion of the readings.