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Auction Baskets

We are putting together a basket auction for this year's Gala in April and you can help us. Perhaps each week you buy a lottery ticket. Would you consider buying two instead and donating one to the Gala basket? Do you have gifts you would like to regift, unused items you don't like or use, souvenirs you no longer love? Perhaps they would look really good in a basket collections or maybe you have a great idea for a basket you would like to do yourself?

Here are some themes we are looking at:

1. A Lottery basket or tree (always a winner)
2. A Mother's Day basket
3. A Father's Day basket
4. Halloween basket (usually does well)
5. An All-season Holiday basket
6. A Boy's basket
7. A Girls basket (could gear it between girl and preteen)
8. Stationary basket (to contain stationary and perhaps books, pens etc.)
9. International food basket (Chinese, Thai, Italian, your favorite) or
10. A Money basket (donate money and you'll be surprised how much it wins)

One item or several.  It is your choice.  There will be a box labeled basket donations at the back of the church each week for the collection.

Questions or suggestions: Contact Jane Haenle, or text me at 716-310-7113.


C.G. Jung Center: Women's Study Group
The Women's Study Group is having a productive and rewarding  summer, continuing its study of Jungian Psychology by reading and discussing Jung's Map of the Soul (Murray Stein, 1998).  It is hard to explain but there is something particularly meaningful about reading aloud and reflecting upon the words from a feminine perspective.  Even a single paragraph can be enlightening.
The Women's Study Group meets in the Mission Room the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 7:00 - 8:30 pm.  If interested, please join us. Contact: Arlene Miles at:

Open Doors
Trinity will be opening its doors to the public every Friday, 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. for prayer and meditation.

Habitat for Humanity
Date:  April 16th 
Place: TBA 
Time: 9:00am
Trinity Church Habitat for Humanity volunteers meet on the third Saturday of each month. Please contact the church office, if you would like to get involved.

Shop for Those Who Can't
This week, when you go shopping, please consider buying additional items to give to our ongoing food drive effort. Deposit donated items in the yellow bin at the back of the church. Volunteers will take our contributions to a senior center, which distributes the food to families.