Gabrie'l J. Atchison

Parish Administrator & Congregational Development
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           Staff of Trinity Church

Senior Warden: John Gillespie
John Gillespie and his wife, Catherine, have been members of Trinity for 13 years and Episcopalians for over 40 years. John believes Trinity was one of the most important parts of their transition to Buffalo. John brings his previous experience: working on the vestry, the finance committee; over 8 years as a lay leader; the Trinity Medical Brigade to El Salvador; participating actively with the Trinity auction; working on and weeding the front gardens; and co-chairing the outreach committee for a number of years. In his professional life John practiced as a clinical cardiologist at the University of Rochester. He came to Buffalo in 2000 and is now teaching first year medical students at UB. He states, “I thoroughly enjoy the combination of administration, clinical and teaching aspects of the medical profession.” 
But, he notes, “The best things in my life are my wife, my children(3) and their spouses, and my 5 grandchildren. I believe in living every day to the fullest and having a sense of humor. Fair, generous, fun and accountable are four words that monitor my approach to life. 


Anthony Shilen

I am an educator at St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute.  I teach Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, as well as, an online Social Justice course.  I do have a passion for social justice.  Each summer a dozen students and I travel to Camden, New Jersey to participate in a week long Urban Challenge experience.  I am privileged to be a  tutor at Buffalo Prep; an organization dedicated to improving the lives of economically disadvantaged youth by helping to close the achievement gap.   My family means the absolute world to me.  I feel very blessed the God has led me Trinity.  Trinity has rekindled my spirituality, and for that I am very thankful.


Melvin "Trey" Bankhead III

Trey Bankhead likes to say that he was “reborn in Buffalo.” Drawn to the city by the woman who would become his wife (and by the fantastic regional foods she used to lure him), he has lived and worked here on and off (mostly on) since 1993. A graduate of the University of Findlay, Trey has also lived in Chagrin Falls and Findlay, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; and Greenville, North Carolina. A former substitute teacher and weekly newspaper editor, Trey has worked as an editor, in various capacities, for The Buffalo News since August 2000.  He has also delved into politics, acting as the public relations specialist for Dr. Catherine Fisher Collins’ successful 2004 campaign for the Buffalo Board of Education. A member of Trinity Episcopal Church since 2007, Trey is a former member of the choir. On Sundays, he can typically be spotted riling up the kids before they go to Creator Quest or rounding them up to help with the offering.  Trey is the husband of Dr. Ursuline R. Bankhead, and the father of Maia E. Bankhead. 


Junior Warden:  David Devereux

My wife, Julie Gibert, and I have been members of Trinity since around 1992. Our son, Geoffrey, was baptized at Trinity in 1996.  I am currently chair of the History Department at Canisius College, and have served in many capacities at Trinity over the years, including greeter and lay reader.  Recently I served on the vestry and was a member of the search committee that resulted in Matt's hiring.  As part of that, I coordinated the re-writing of the Trinity profile that was used as part of the search process.  I am very happy to continue to be part of Trinity's journey as junior warden.

Carol Siracuse

I moved to Buffalo from Northern Chautauqua County in the winter of 2001 to join the educational practice at Cannon Design, concentrating on the design and planning of public schools, and joined the Trinity Community and the Trinity Choir the following Fall.  I have never looked back.  I love Trinity. From 2004 – 2007 I served on the Vestry, and helped facilitate the first phase of the construction projects that have been part of our environment for the past decade.  Trinity is my spiritual home; my Trinity friends are my spiritual family. I appreciate this opportunity to work with Matt Lincoln and our community of volunteers. I’m ready to give of my time, talent and treasures. Thank you to the Vestry Nominating Committee for your confidence. 

Timothy Lane  

I have been a part of the Trinity community all of my life since his parents moved to Buffalo in 1991. I grew up participating in Trinity's Sunday school and children's choir before joining the choir of Men and Boys at St Paul's cathedral. While at St. Paul’s, I continued to participate in activities such as Sunday school and Youth Group at Trinity whenever possible and began attending the Trinity @7 service on its inception. I have been attending ever since, and have taken on an active role in the organization and running of the service. In May I graduated from Westminster College in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater and Music. Upon completing college last year, I returned to Sunday mornings as a member of the choir.  My other community involvement has been with the Anne Frank Project of Buffalo State College, including traveling to Rwanda in January of last year and working as a set designer at Subversive Theater. I am pleased to be a lifetime member of Trinity and am excited to continue my involvement in my home community.

Jane Haenle 
Upon the birth of my triplet granddaughters in Hamburg, I moved to Buffalo and began a very long search for a new church. The warmth, friendliness and religious challenge of Trinity finally drew me here, now over 10 years ago. I am retired. My background includes dean/vice president of institutional advancement, dean of students and director of public relations at Niagara County Community College plus early on political reporter for the Lockport newspaper. I hold a BA in English/Psych and Sociology from Bucknell University and an MA in Communications from Kent State. Volunteer activities and recognitions have included graduate Leadership Niagara and 2000 Niagara County Leader of the Year, charter/25-year member Lockport Cable Commission, president Chamber of Commerce of the Tonawanda, docent Albright Knox Art Gallery, volunteer International Institute, officer Lockport Toastmasters, former vestrywoman and outreach chair Grace Episcopal Church, member NOAH from Niagara County and now VOICE Buffalo. Social justice is very important to me as are issues of discrimination, equality and cultural diversity. Philanthropy is likewise important. I founded and am a member of the NCCC foundation and for years was part of a murder mystery cast as well as a tea ladies group, both which donated all earnings to non-profits. I am a widow, mother of three, have seven grandchildren and love to travel as one can see by my having completed my 50th state and now reaching over 50 countries. 


The Vestry
ves·try [ves-tree] ∼ Episcopal Church, a committee elected by members of a congregation to serve with the church wardens in managing the temporal

affairs of the church. (

Cam Carson

Caretaker and Sexton
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​​Kevin Westling

Wedding Coordinator


Helene Gilbert

Helene Gilbert has been attending Trinity Church for over three years.  She had been church hunting for quite awhile, so when she attended an Easter service, she immediately felt that she was home. She felt welcomed and loved.   She has been involved in volunteering in many roles.  She is honored to serve on the vestry.

Colleen LoFaro-O’Neill

Director of Children's Ministry

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Sue Cosentino

I was originally drawn to Trinity Church in 2003 with a desire to sing in the choir.  I have sung/worshipped here ever since.  During this time, I have worked on many projects, assisted as chalice-bearer for Holy Communion, and presently coordinate the Trinity Bakers, Soul Food cooks, and Trinity Touchstones.  

Mark C. Mitschow

I was born and raised in Western New York and have been an accounting professor at SUNY Geneseo since 1994.  In 2014 Margot and I found our way to Trinity and have made it our church home, volunteering at Friends of the Night People and serving as readers.  This past July we were married here.  My spiritual journey has been somewhat eclectic, but I believe it has made me a stronger Christian.  As a child I attended Presbyterian and Baptist churches, a decision largely based on bicycling distance as my family was not terribly religious.  In college I double –majored in religion and journalism and was active in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and in graduate school I served as a delegate to the DC Baptist Convention annual meeting.  For many years I attended Catholic services and raised my sons in that faith.  I served on the parish council of St. Agnes Church and was involved in the local parish school my sons attended.  I also served as Grand Knight for the local Knights of Columbus council and through these endeavors have been involved in numerous charitable activities.

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 Paul Cena

Organist and Choir Director

Krista Seddon

Director of Ensembles

Alison Mueller - Treasurer

I have been attending Trinity for 8 years. I have finally found my spiritual home after a lifetime of searching for it. I feel that Trinity is my family and am constantly amazed and grateful for the people and community that we have there. What I bring to the Vestry is real-life business experience after spending 33 years (yes-really) in Corporate America and the US Military in addition to not-for-profit work.

​​​Dale Worwa

Facility Cleaner

Rich Mpelezos

Facility Manager
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