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Middle and High School – Youth Group

Older children are invited to participate in worship as readers and acolytes.  They can also be found volunteering with the younger children's classes and in the nursery.

Baptisms are done during the 10:30am worship and are held 4-5 times per year. November 6 is the next date.  

Infants – 3yrs – Nursery Time

Nursery care is provided for infants - 3 year olds - during the 10:30AM worship.  There is a paid, trained nursery sitter present at all times, creating an atmosphere of nurture, fun and safety.  The older nursery children are invited to flow into the Pre-K class as is appropriate.

Pre-K and Elementary – Creator Quest

This is the children’s formation program offered during the 10:30am worship. The children gather under the tent between 10:15 & 10:30. The children mark the beginning of worship with a parade of streamers and doves. From there they go off to their classes:

  • Squirts is for pre-k children
  • Sorcerers is for the 1st-5th grade

The curriculum for Creator Quest is a unique blend of three curriculums: Inner Wisdom, Bible Quest and Season of the Spirit.  The children return in time for communion.

Children Programs

Children and Youth Programs, listed below, focus on the link between the wisdom of our ancestor’s stories and the wisdom of our children and youth’s own stories. We strive to create an atmosphere that nurtures spiritual growth in an environment that is imaginative, honest, intelligent and inclusive.

Children of all ages are welcome in worship and/or in programming and are an integral part of the community. Participation in any of Trinity’s programs for children and youth is left to the discretion of the parents and the interest of the child. 

If your choice is to keep your children with you in church, please know that the noise of children in worship is part of the noise of a joyous community life. If you choose to have them join any aspect of programming they will be welcomed and included.

Our mission is to nurture children’s innate knowledge of God as we explore the stories of our ancestors together. We hope to fuel the fires of awe and wonder for all of God’s creation so that they can participate in naming and healing the wounds of injustice.

Creator Quest

Creator Quest is our children's formation program that meets during the 10:30am Sunday worship from mid September to the first week in June. Children from pre-K through 6th grade are invited to share the stories of our ancestors in a creative and nurturing environment.

If you have wondered "what does Trinity have going on for children, youth and families", or if you have wondered about being involved with the programming contact Rev. Matt Lincoln or 852-8314.